So let me explain the obsession with my ovaries. My biological clock is not ticking. I swear to God its not. The idea of feeding the baby, holding the baby, changing the baby… all the shit… I am not even close to ready for that.

But here’s the deal: Most of my friends are currently reproducing like they live inside the Great Wall. Its a frantic pace. I am starting to think the Plano School District might have omitted a chapter or two in Health class. Anyway, all of a sudden there are babies everywhere.

When it first started happening… the reproduction… it was fun. Oh yay! A baby. And then at parties I would be the only girl drinking, and then at parties I was the only girl without a baby.

In December 2007, I met a baby named Georgia. I held my best friend’s little girl just hours after she was born and I kid you not – I felt it in my ovaries. Granted, I also felt a jolt to the ovaries at that place in the Shops at Legacy – Bedazzled… but that was over the baby furniture. That shit is dope.

I digress, so there I was sitting in the hospital room holding this tiny creature and she got me. Stole a piece of my soul. Cobwebs fell off my womb.

And the obsession with the aging of my ovaries began.

Then a few short months later, a man came into my life. Yep. Jackson was born.

What? You didn’t actually think I met a man worthy of procreating with ME yet, did you??? My other best friend had a baby boy. And as I held him and he looked up at me, the remaining cobwebs disappeared.

(editors note: Sherry has a LOT of Best Friends, and some BFFs)
So, I warn you now that I might mention my ovaries throughout this blog. Its not that I currently want or need the responsibility for a life besides my own. Its that I fell in love with these babies.

When G and J smile at me, laugh, say a word that sounds anything like Sherry, when they nap, when they march like the dinosaurs, when they head off to their first day of school, when they laugh at each other, when their little baby bellies go up and down as they sleep… when they do any of those things… I feel it in my ovaries.