I believe that Carolyn Mauldin’s daquiris are scary, wonderful, dangerous and my favorite part of summer. As summer comes to a close and the best parts of fall are upon us, I thought it was the right time to spend a few minutes saying thank you to wonderful days of summer. 

So thank you May, June, July and August for the following:

Wedding Showers.  The excitment of giving showers for yet another couple that has found wedded bliss while I stay single and alone.  All I am saying is… you bitches owe me.  If I ever find someone willing to marry me…y’all will be throwing parties every weekend. 

My birthday.  Thanks for the kid friendly party back home and thank you for the pool side tradition continuing in Houston.  And thank you for not making me hang out with my neighbors again, even though they brought the shots.

Saturdays by the Pool.  My complex in Houston could actually be the Hills.  I am prepared for Lauren Conrad to appear at any moment.  The people that hang out at my pool are so good looking its ridiculous.  Especially Jeff from the Fourth Floor.  He is carved out of cream cheese. He is probably barely 18 but oh so yummy.  Thank you, pool gods, for that little bit of eye candy every Saturday.

Firecrackers.  Thanks for letting me shoot off firecrackers, play with sparklers and for a night of hysterical comments from giants. 

George Strait.  He might be a little older, maybe a little slower.  But he is everybit as great as he was in my youth.  He is still a very handsome man.

So here’s to a summer without a single business trip, filled with free weekends and friends.  But I will admit I missed summer hours, Friday afternoons at the Mauldin’s, Carolyn’s daquiris, Fabulous Football Flip Flop Friday and mostly I missed getting to be in the air conditioning all day.

Maybe I’ll get used to the Houston heat during Summer and maybe I won’t.  But I’ve lived through my first and that’s something.