I have literally raced home from bible study to post this.  Stop laughing, yes I was really at bible study.  And no, the church did not burn to the ground.

I have been advised that I posted information in error. In my entry entitled “Why I Love College Football” I mistaking noted Alabama vs. Arkansas as a rivalry game.  I have been advised, now multiple times, that Alabama vs. Arkansas is not actually a rivalry for either team. 

Which, when I think about it makes sense.  I mean, who gives a shit about Alabama or Arkansas.

I should have noted Alabama vs. Auburn and Arkansas vs. ???  Wait, who does Arkansas have a rivalry with???  I guess Texas.  From what I can tell they are still really pissed about losing the National Championship to Texas 40 years ago.  I mention this only from personal experience as I’ve found that most Arkansas fans (except the Mauldins and the Lindens) have a tendancy to dislike me.  Oh, and my Aunt Sherry.  She likes me.  But that’s a confusing relationship because she really likes LSU but lives in Fayetteville.  Anyhoo, I lost my point.  The point is I have no idea who Arkansas has a rivalry with.

I guess until I can confer with my Arkansas Historical Expert, Bruce Mauldin… we’ll all just have to settle for Arkansas vs. ???

Please forgive my mistake in my earlier posting.

Editors Note:  No one from Arkansas or Alabama has been able to correct Sherry’s grammatical mistakes only her football ones.