Have you ever just wanted something really, really bad?  Not like a dress or a car. Nothing materialistic.  But have you just prayed and hoped for something.  Known that it was the right thing.  But the world and the Lord was taking his sweet time making it all happen and all come together. 

And as times goes by – you start to doubt?  Doubt yourself?  Doubt that it was really God’s plan, I mean do you ever really know?  Is it the right thing?  Have I done enough?  If its God’s will…shouldn’t He take the lead or was I supposed to be doing a bunch of stuff, too?

And then as more time goes by, you start to wonder…did I do something wrong?  Have I made this plan vear off course?  Maybe it was just too great a thing for me.  Maybe I don’t deserve such goodness.  Maybe something’s wrong with me?

So I guess today you get my doubting Thomas blog… I woke up early this morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep.  I was plagued with thoughts of things that I want to happen, things I’ve prayed about, and things I think are good and are God’s will… but are just not happening fast enough.

So, I guess the question for the cosmic void out there is… once you finally accept God’s plan …. how do you accept his timeline?