Do you remember that book “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”  well I think I just had one of those weekends.  Apparently all I need to know I learned at church camp.  Again, stop laughing… yes I went to church camp, and no, the camp didn’t burn down. 

But I learned a lot of interesting things, I won’t share my spirtual enlightenments yet… those are still marinating but here you go, these are the things I learned at church camp.

Note:  These might only be funny if you were there.

  1. Grill marks on chicken are almost as important as it being cooked all the way.
  2. I can cook baked beans.
  3. Apparently people don’t wear pigtails anymore.  Except me.
  4. 7 am bootcamp is not for me. And if you participate, someone else will need to blow dry your hair later because you’ll be unable to raise your arms above your shoulders.
  5. That I’ve made some truly extraordinary friends here in Houston.  They are beautiful, giving, kind, and for some reason genuinely like me.  The gods have shined on me yet again.
  6. I can fill glasses with ice like its nobody’s business.  This I already knew since its the only thing my mom lets me do at Christmas dinner but it was reaffirmed this weekend. 
  7. That I made some truly extraordinary new friends at church camp.  And I cannot wait to get to know them better. 
  8. I love it when someone laughs so hard that they cry.  I think when you make someone laugh like that, it must be what scoring a touchdown feels like.
  9. Evidently, you can say anything you want to me.  Yell at me.  Lecture me.  Anything as long as you end it with a “Sher-Bear” and I will be totally fine with it.
  10. That maybe I should have saved my shower caddy from the Scottish Rite Dorm. 
  11. That when bathrooms are not attached to your cabin…. and its 3 am…I really wished I was a guy. 
  12. Sometimes that most rewarding times come from something that you didn’t want to do in the first place.
  13. Tammie Mallioux can rebut any excuse you provide to her for not doing something.  She’s actually better than my mother at this.
  14. Did you know there is something called a “squat thrust”?  I think it was invented by the devil.
  15. The fastest way to make friends is to help in the kitchen. 
  16. Potato Salad can freeze. 
  17. This one is going to shock you all, but I learned that sometimes stopping and sitting by a lake with friends is better than watching a Texas football game.  I mean, come on, it was UTEP.  The score was 60-7.  Its not like I am not still a fan.I
  18. I learned that the Big 5 are:  Elephants, Lions, Rhinoceraceous (sp?), Cape Buffalo and Leopard.  If you guessed Polar Bears, you would be wrong.  Additionally, you would be put in time out for frivilous answers and not really trying.  You should use that time to reflect, not do your nails.  I did not do this correctly.
  19. I look totally hot when photographed with shotguns.  If I had known this before there would be a 410 in every picture of me.
  20. Church camp poker can get ugly.

But the best thing I learned at church camp was that I still find singing all six verses of Amazing Grace healing.  I didn’t know I needed healing, but I think we are all a little bit broken and stopping to sing Amazing Grace helps put us back together, at least for a little while.