If you’ve been wondering – yes, I went to boot camp again last night.  And do you know what happened?  It poured down rain.  I was so excited.  In the middle of my walking (instead of jogging) to a lightpost or something, it started to rain.  I was thrilled, ready to head back to the car.  Guess what?  That didn’t happen.

This morning when my alarm went off… I slowly opened my eyes to greet the day.  Then I started to sit up.  But I couldn’t.  The muscles in my stomach had stopped working.  So then I tried to sit up using my arms.  But I couldn’t.  The muscles in my arms had stopped working.  So I rolled off the bed.  I am assuming that the thud scared the shit out of the people that live below me.  None of this is a lie.  None of this is exaggerated. 

I will live.  I don’t think this boot camp will kill me, at least I hope it won’t.  I hope I heal before Kathy’s wedding.  I don’t think she’ll be pleased if I have to be wheeled or assisted up the aisle. 

And yesterday, my entry was dedicated to my friend Matthew that leads the boot camp.  I was a little bit hateful.  I blame him for my inability to move.  But you know what?  Last night he was encouraging and not that mean, he wasn’t actually ever mean… just his exercises.  And he wouldn’t let me stop… which was totally annoying at the time… but now its kind of appreciated.  Can you imagine actually being a nice enough person to listen to me bitch and argue with you  for an entire hour, while your running and jumping, in the rain? I assure you there is not even a single member of my family that would have endured that kind of torture.  And yet he did.

Furthermore, he solved a really big puzzle the other day. He has figured out how to get me marathon ready.  Here is his plan… put a man in a seersucker suit in front of me that I have to chase, put a man with a knife behind me that I have to run away from, and tell me to run to the building with really great air conditioning.  Are you kidding?  Matthew, you totally get me.

Kids, with this plan… I should be Prefontaine by New Years!

Editors Note:  If you don’t know about me and seersucker suits, just wait awhile – I know they’ll be a blog topic soon.  Just know that there is something about a man in a blue seersucker suit.  Yeah, there is just something.  Phhh..