I haven’t done one of these in awhile and frankly I have just been lucky and had a few really fun weeks that have made me believe, again.  So for all you fans out there… here’s what I believe in today.  Blog features extended releases of “I Believe Statements”

Well, I believe in laughing so hard it hurts.
In family, in grape koolaid, and beautiful blue eyes. 
I believe that Nordstrom’s truly has the best customer service and
that you can always find what you need there. 
I believe in staying in touch with friends and taking the time to call. 
I believe in butterflies and I know it isn’t indigestion.
I believe in John 3:16 and Phillipians 4:13.
I believe in the power of friendships, the comfort in old ones and the energy and discovery of new ones. 
I still really believe in that breathless moment right before you kiss
and that holding hands in the most sincere form of romance. 
I believe I have been blessed. 
I believe in laughing at yourself, better yet,
laughing at yourself with a good friend that gets the joke.
I believe that men should still hold doors and
the guy that does the half stand thing when a woman leaves the table that its totally hot. 
I believe in soul mates.
I believe in Will Muschamp.
I believe Kathy is going to be a beautiful bride on Saturday. 

And I believe that despite it all, we are each made
better, stronger, more attractive, more interesting by the people who come in and out of our lives. 
Thanks for being in mine.