I saw the best thing ever last night.  I don’t know if I can put it into words and truly give it justice.  Last night my friend Kathy got married.  She absolutely without question is marrying the love of her life.  Kathy and Chap are PERFECT for each other. 

And last night, they danced their first dance as man and wife.  And it was F-ING AWESOME.  Seriously.  OK, how do I explain this.  Well, lets start with the fact that the crowd SANG ALONG.  I have mad respect for the fact that they danced to Frankie Valli… but they had a routine.  A routine that was awesomeness.  You know what,  I can’t put this into words. I just know that the crowd cheered, clapped, laughed and then sang “oh, pretty baby, if its quite alright, I need you baby… trust in me when I say… I love you baby” at the top of our lungs. 

There were twists and turns and dips.  It was truly fun to watch.  From now on, I have a new rule.  Everyone should choreograph routines for their first dance.  Its so much more fun that way!!!

She danced with her dad next.  And it was crazy fun too. When Kathy was a little girl her mom would play “You Light Up My Life” on the piano and she and her dad would dance and sing along.  She danced to that song with her dad.  They looked like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers… and once again the crowd SANG ALONG.

Wait, you know what… maybe it was the crowd that was awesome.  Yup, that’s it… we were badass.   

I honestly can’t believe that I am writing about wedding dances but they were so great that I had to talk about it.  I am not doing them justice.  So if you’re getting married anytime soon, give Chappy and Kathy a call … they can tell how to do the dance part of the night up right.  And if you need an awesome crowd and you’ve got an open bar, give me a call.