Dear Tennis Shoes,

I remember the first day I met you.  When my friend Andrew at Luke’s Locker first pointed you out to me.  You were so beautiful.  And we seemed to just fit together so well.  I was so excited for our first walk together.  The joy I felt in those first few trips through the park together.

You were good to me.  But my schedule got busy and I found it harder to spend time with you.  I saw you there, available, willing to spend time with me.. but I couldn’t.

And then you took from me and it hurt.  You took the skin off the back of my heel, you took the skin off my big toes… and you gave me such pain in the calfs.  I could tell you where trying to hurt me, to prove to me that you shouldn’t be neglected.

But relationships are hard to maintain and frankly, you started to lose some of your charm.  You got dirty, your soles weren’t as bouncy, the shine on your stripe was just a little less. 

So, I know that we’ve both hurt each other and I know its time for me to move on.  I need to feel the joy of  the first test step, to see the sparkle in the stripe and to feel the hope in the first trek around the park.  I know that we’ll see each other again, for lake trips, maybe for some house work or even on a muddy day.  But I think we both know that it will never be the same.

Love, Sherry

In case you didn’t catch on… I simply need a new pair of running shoes.