Thanks to one of our loyal readers for sending in this response to yesterday’s blog:

I can’t believe you would dump your pair of shoes for a new, younger model. This sort of behavior really pisses me off, Woodard. Maybe if you had taken proper time to take care of the shoes, the shoes would still be able to take care of you.

But instead, the shoes are worn out and have nothing left to give.

And so you just give up on them… you’re just going to throw them out for a new relationship with a tighter, prettier version with fewer miles on them. Those old shoes were there for you during your hard times… they got you through.

When you were beat down and reduced to tears…to nothingness… they loved you and carried you… they never complained about the sacrifice they were making… and now what are they supposed to do… they’ll never find another someone to love them… they are all used and washed up… and you just abandoned them.