Today when I was getting ready I noticed a trend on the shuffle from my iPod.  It kept hitting on the Christmas Carols.  So you know what that means… yup… the tree is going up this week. For years, I have been too consumed with football season to adequately prepare for the holiday season.  Last year I lived in two places during the Holidays…I lent my tree to a friend.

Not this year.  So get ready, Houstonians… Christmas Sherry is about to get serious.

I am about to try to put a 10 ft tree up in a one bedroom apartment.  I don’t care if I have to walk around the SOB everyday for the next two months.  We are about to get some holiday cheer up in here.

I can’t begin to express how happy it makes me that Target already has the Christmas isle up, or that my iPod knew that I need validation that it was okay to start Christmas. 

You see, this year is my first Christmas in Houston, my first Christmas to not be consumed by the rigors of football season.  I am thrilled that I won’t be spending my vacation securing bowl tickets or November assigning 7000 seats for a Championship Game.  This year I make new traditions.  And I think that’s a big deal.  What happens in the next two months could very well dictate years of my holiday celebrations. I cannot F this up.  The tree has to be just right, the egg nog mixed carefully, the packages decorated perfectly, the right pieces added to my nativity scene (you better get on that Mom).. the holiday party has to be the best, I have to see a Christmas Carol, I need to sing Christmas Songs and hear the Hallejah Chorus and most importantly my Christmas list has to be perfected.

My family will understand this, my Christmas list is a document that I carefully craft throughout the year.  Items are added and deleted with significant pondering.  Pictures are cut from catalogs, links are included on the list and there are always a couple of ridiculous items that I have no business asking for but I want them.  And my sister always delivers.  There was the Louis Vitton wallet, the Louis Vitton small clutch, and the ice cream maker.  Just a few of the items no one needs but my sweet sister has purchased for me over the years.  My mother will have no part of my frivolity, but Elizabeth has always given in.  I know this might shock some of you, but apparently I am somewhat animated when opening gifts.  Sweet Elizabeth loves my reactions to my gifts.  So she indulges me.  She’s always indulged me.  So I still tell Santa (and Elizabeth) exactly what I want. 

I think you can expect to hear a lot from me about Christmas over the next two months.  This week I’ll be focused on figuring out how to put my tree up without Scooter, Marla, or Holly and I’ll be making my list.  Its gonna be a busy week….

It’s Christmas time in the city… ring a ling.. here them sing…soon it will be Christmas Day.