This Saturday in Houston is the American Heart Association’s Heartwalk.  We’ve been working all year to raise money and awareness – yesterday we passed the $1.3 million dollar mark.  This is a huge accomplishment and I am crazy proud of my colleagues that have raised all this dough! We are shooting for $1.5 million – so we are still out there working to raise more money!

A few months back I bet one of our board members that I could raise more money than him for the Heartwalk.  I have lost that bet.  He’s raised like $25,000 and I’ve raised $1700… I am ok with that, cause it got people excited about raising money. And he has loved torturing me.

The trouble is, by losing I have to wear an OU shirt for the walk.  I cannot think of a worse punishment.  Not the actual shirt wearing… but the fact that I have to purchase an OU shirt.  The fact that any amount of my hard earned money will be going to support Oklahoma’s Athletic Department. 

So here’s my message for today… first, its not to late to donate and I’ve included my link below.  Take a look at my page and you’ll see that I am walking to honor my dad.  He ran marathons, so I am sure he’d be disappointed that I am only walking… but I am not my father… so I walk.  I wish you could have seen him run… it was hystercial – bird legs, big pot belly, and a half t-shirt… but he did it.  He’d run all 26.2.  So on Saturday I will walk 5 miles to honor him.  Maybe someday when my lungs have healed from smoking and my head can get past the idea of how freaking far 26.2 miles is… maybe, just maybe I’ll run a marathon to honor him.  But I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Second, if you don’t have plans on Saturday morning come out to Sam Houston Park to celebrate with us.  Its a crazy fun event and you’ll get to see me in an OU shirt.  This will actually be my second appearance in an OU shirt.  The first is when Texas lost to OU a few years back and I had to wear a friend’s jersey from his playing days.  I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I put it on.

I hope to see any of you Houstonians out there on Saturday for the big event and if you aren’t in Houston.  Do me a favor… get up, go outside and a take quick walk… for me… in a UT shirt.