There’s a line in the movie “Beautiful Girls” that I love.  Paul just randomly proposed to Jan in the middle of her shift as a waitress at a diner.  She says no.  He gets mad because she has a new boyfriend.  And Jan says, and this is greatness “One comes to a decision based on what one wants, Paul, not what one doesn’t want” and then a few weeks ago my friend Jeana told me the same thing… and since then… I think I have said this to about 10 people. 

So, I’ve been thinking about what I want …. we’ve talked about what I believe on the blog, but I don’t know that I’ve ever given you a list of what I want.  So here, for your reading pleasure, are just a few things that I want:

  1. A great pair of high heels that don’t hurt my feet
  2. To not be allergic to everything
  3. To smile more hours in the day than not
  4. To hold hands
  5. To not have to fight pimpils
  6. To put my foot in my mouth less often
  7. To feel a cool breeze on my face but still have the little sting of the sunshine
  8. To someday have someone call me “Mom”
  9. To be able to sleep at night
  10. To find a bra strap that doesn’t slip
  11. To laugh at myself
  12. To raise a million dollars for the Heart Association
  13. To be challenged by my work and by people around me
  14. To listen better
  15. To demonstrate God’s love in my actions
  16. To learn how to tap dance
  17. To run and not grow weary
  18. To cook for friends and family
  19. To keep my Christmas tree up all year long
  20. To learn to focus on what I want and not what I don’t want