Tonight I went country dancing with some friends. Yeah, you read that correctly.  But that’s not the point I need to make.  I lost my wallet about a week ago.  Its somewhere between El Rey’s on Washington and my house.  But again, not the point.  The point is, I don’t have a driver’s license.

So tonight, I realize this upon my arrival at Wild West.  (Yeah, its called Wild West).  Again… not the freaking point.  Pay attention.  Here’s how the deal went down…

I walk in.  I advise the women at the door that I lost my wallet and truly don’t have anything with my birthday on it.  She stares at me for a second.  To which I say “Go ahead, tell me I don’t look 21.  Please.  Make my day that way.”  She doesn’t pause, waves me in.

You know what, I think she’s a bitch.