Yesterday I went to lunch with my handsome friend Jared.  He’s super sweet too but handsome is the important part of this story. After lunch we decided to go up to my Starbuck’s and try to make my barista boyfriend jealous.

I loved this idea and it was great for about the first 5 minutes.  First, Jared has discovered how to get to me to be quiet (he was very excited about this discovery)… apparently all you have to do it put me in the same room with the man I’ve had a secret crush on for a year.  I become mute.  So there was that.

And then, disaster struck.  I am still reeling from what happened next.

My barista boyfriend flirted with Jared.

Yeah, you read that right.

I am pretty sure it was the hunting knife in Jared’s back pocket that did it for him.  It does it for me.  But kids, here’s the rub, I feel so cheated, so wronged.  Its like my barista boyfriend has been lying to me for a year.  Like I was the only one in our relationship.  I thought I was reading the signs correctly.  I thought he was into me.  I thought my lattes were special. 

But Jared’s latte was free.