I hit a bumpy patch in the road recently and filled up to brim with doubt.  I asked a good friend to help me remember what motivates and drives me.   

I would like to encourage each of you to take a minute and ask someone you trust to tell you what they think drives you.  For me, this has been a liberating experience and its completely turned my perspective around.

And I love that I get to take my self indulgence to new heights by publishing it on my blog.

This is her response.

You like to be needed and provide solutions for people so long as you have a team of people working for you and so long as you have power/control and are driving the train. You don’t enjoy solely providing… you like to lead and make decisions. You don’t like to be the smartest person in the room when you don’t have control.

You are also motivated by very smart people in powerful positions who look to you for your point of view. You are often surprised by your ability to deliver on this. This isn’t unusual but is worth noting. You like finding things that don’t work and then revamping how it’s done so it makes sense. You like perks that enable you to do and experience “exclusive” and “VIP” opportunities and you like to be able to provide those same “perks” to people you like.  Someone gets on your shit list, their done. No looking back. No 2nd chances. Their dead to you. But you have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know and once you like someone and know their story, you will do whatever it takes to support them, make them laugh, fight for them, take time for them, travel thousands of miles to be at their wedding in the Bahamas, etc. And ideally, those kinds of relationships are not exclusive to your personal life – in fact, you like to have your personal and professional lives mesh in that regard.

You love the funny. You LOVE telling funny stories and you often times tell them multiple times in a day. You really love being the center of attention and have been known to increase the volume of your voice so that your presence is known to all those sitting/standing/walking within a 100 yard radius. You are competitive but you enjoy helping others succeed and you are very good at helping them do so. You have a horrible singing voice. It must be stopped. But you will be heard anyway…your favorite people are those that think your horrible singing is hilarious. I am one of those people.