I have told you guys why I love football.  I provided you with
detailed information on my love of the game.  I am a little sad that the
season is coming to a close… soon the bowl games will be played …
I'll have to resort to watching pro football and the playoffs.

joy that gets me through this… well, its the next season that is
coming.  That's right… AWARD SHOW SEASON!

I ell oh vee ee, love it.  The Golden Globes are
January 17.  Its my season opener.  And yes, just like football
season… I throw watch parties.  I make you wear a formal, there is
betting and by God… you don't talk during the presentations.  I mean
you talk all you want during technical presentations.  But if you talk
during Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting…. you get the idea…
if you think you'll need to talk during those – don't bother coming

Now starts my season of going to the movies every
Sunday morning to see all the nominated movies.  Now starts the
detailed debates with Marla, Carolyn and Karen.  The debates over movies
in Carolyn's kitchen over a bowl of queso and an daiquiri.

Academy Awards … March 7.  Some jackasses are going to want to watch
basketball.  That's for pansies.  This is serious competition and the
stakes are high. 

Though I will admit two things.  I
am not nearly as loyal to my pick for movie of the year as I am to the
Texas Longhorns.  And I am pretty sure that Twilight and New Moon aren't
going to get any nominations… unless Jacob gets one for most improved
abs.  That's a vote I think we can all agree on.