Here’s the deal.  I have figured out something big that I just don’t believe in. 

Sick feelings in the pit of your stomach.

I’ve had one for the better part of a month and its starting to piss me off.  And you know what? I am not alone.  I asked around.  Other people have this affliction, too.  It’s so freaking annoying.  You know that feeling of just impending doom…

worry about what people think of you
what they are going to think of your work
how your meeting is going to go
if the Christmas tree is just a little crooked
if you remembered to unplug your straightener
if that police man going to notice your expired registration
is he going to call
can everyone see that pimple on my forehead
is your cooking any good or are people just being nice
do I have food in my teeth
should I have said that
what did she/he/it mean when they said…..
are my feet going to hurt in these shoes
what are the manicure/pedicure women saying about you when they are talking so fast
what are people going to think of me
are their parents going to like me
is that spelled correctly
is there really a serial killer after me
what will they think of my blog
why won’t he/she/it hold my hand
can people see my gray hairs
is this all there is

That damn feeling, the sick sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.  I think mine’s busted.  Seriously, I think its freaking broke cause it just won’t go away.  It’s a total a-hole.  So, tonight, I am trying to send all these worries and woes out to the cosmic void.  In the hopes that this asshole feeling goes away for the holidays.  Oh, and that it leaves my friends alone, too.