‘Tis the season for sorts of wonderful things including a list of all the things I believe in for Christmas. 

Well, I believe in advent calendars.  Misteltoe, trains and nativity scenes.  I believe in sending cards and getting cards.  I believe the “from” on the tag should always say Santa. 

Well, I believe in the Christmas candles from “The Market”.  Lights on the house, glitter and Christmas China. I believe in reading the Christmas story from Luke on Christmas Eve. And I believe in re-reading a “Christmas Carol” so I know all the buildings in my mom’s Dicken’s Village.

Well, I believe in opening your presents Christmas morning instead of Christmas Eve.  Christmas pajamas, wreaths and bows.  I believe in having cinnamon rolls and coffee on Christmas morning and I believe in stockings that are loaded down with goods.

Well, I believe my mom’s traditions are the right ones.  Big bows, pretty paper and white twinkle lights.  I believe in the candlelight service on Christmas Eve.  I believe in singing Christmas carols as loud as possible. And saying “Merry Christmas” even to complete strangers.

And well, frankly, I believe in the Christmas spirit.