I think this blog is utter genius.  http://rulesformyunbornson.tumblr.com/

Its literally a brilliant list of 1001 rules for a guy.  And now I am looking for the guy that tries to adhere to at least half of these rules.  Apparently my standards for gentlemen callers just went way up for 2010.  I used to be looking for someone that was single, straight, and a smoker.

Now I want the guy that tries to follow these rules.  Here’s a sampling… its genius, I tell you, freaking genius…

  1. Carry two hankerchiefs.  The one in your backpocket is yours, jacket pocket is hers.
  2. Real sweaters don’t have zippers.
  3. At the ballpark, never start the wave.  But never let it die.
  4. Sometimes your best bet is to bet on her.
  5. Be confident on the subway.  Bronx is up; The Battery is down.

So, gentlemen… if you’d like to attempt to follow these rules… I would like to attempt to date you.