Today I spent most of my day frustrated about all the incovenient things I had to do… wait for the maintenance guy to fix the closet, wait for the insurance adjuster, sit on a one hour conference call that could have been recapped in an email.  So yesterday I just laughed at the ridiculousness.  Today I need to vent about it.  To get some of it off my chest.

My friend Nikki, has this kick ass blog with two of her friends called “Badder Homes and Gardens”.  It makes everything I write seem tame, maybe a little sweet and surely sentimental.  But its absolutely funny as shit.  If you are looking for another blog to add… check them out…

But that’s my point right now, the point is, in one of her entries she mentioned “Things that she thinks are for pussies.”  It was an inspired list of things.  So ladies and gentlemen… here are a few things that I think are for pussies.

Oh, and I’ve already taken my Ambien (at 6:40)… so this list will probably be pretty short or make no sense at all.

For Pussies:
My Space
Lord of the Rings figurines
Cutting your Own Bangs
Whitman’s Samplers
Pollen (that stuff is a mother f-er and I could do completely without)
Gun Control
The Jersey Shore
Underground Physics (only Dr. Tom Banks will understand this one)

That’s all I can think of right now… but feel free to send me things you think are for pussies.  Cause I really want to get a good list going.  Send em now and send em often….