Today is a sad day for me.  For the past couple of months I've had
big fun writing about my ramblings and putting my various ridiculous
notions to "paper".

Most of you have gotten it, most of
you have laughed or cried along side me.  But sadly, some haven't. 
Though I warned that I might offend, that I would speak my mind… its
come to my attention that a few followers have taken offense and are
frankly, holding some of my ridiculousness against me.  Some of its just
that well, frankly, its not the best idea to put your every thought and
idea on the internet for random strangers to read. 

be open about this one last time, I think its very silly to be bothered
by something you chose to read.  I only REQUIRE a few people to read
this.  So this fun experiment for me, this journey of publicly sharing
my journey of self discovery has come to an end.  Because I simply
cannot abide people reading what I write, and then talking bad about me
to others.  You may not agree with my opinions, or hearing about what I
had for dinner and that is just fine, but sadly, I've taken your
disagreement personally. 

I can't change the fact that
I've taken in personally.  That's just who I am.  All prickly on the
outside, but really pretty sensitive.

So, I'll be
signing off of  Thanks for reading while it