This is a public service blog.  Here are some tips you might be
dating a serial killer. This is not from my own personal experience.  At
least not that I'll admit to.

  1. He doesn't like
  2. He's got an American Flag hunting knife in his tuxedo pants.
  3. He's got duct tape and plastic wrap in his truck.
  4. You look at his magazines and various letters have been cut from the
  5. You see him on Dateline: To Catch a Predator.
  6. He's got "nephews" that aren't related to him.
  7. Your cat goes missing.
  8. He offers to install an alarm system for you.
  9. We writes in a stabbing motion.
  10. He asks if anyone knows where you are whenever you go out.
  11. He doesn't like Oreos.
  12. All his ex girlfriends are missing or dead.
  13. He has barn but no animals.
  14. He offers to give you a pedicure.
  15. He has a lock on his basement door.

If you have seen anyone matching this description, please let me
know… I'd probably want to date him.