So I have a new addiction.  I am pissed about it.  This is really hard for me to admit.  I've debated about telling my blogging public or the cosmic void anything about this latest addiction.

But it's not my fault.  Truly its not.  I believe in accountability… and on this addiction I have to hold the following people accountable…Sara, Lindy, Melissa, Melissa, (yes two Melissa's) and Lana.

I am addicted to The Bachelor.

There, oh my God… I've said it.  Jake is a douche bag and I think Vienna is awesome.  I am totally riveted.  I read blogs about it.  I google them.  I am thinking about having a "Team Vienna" shirt made. I cannot get enough.


Here's how it happened… my fun Houston friends have Girl's Dinner together on Monday's and watch the Bachelor.  In the off season, they do a lot of other things… and that's where I think I got punked.  They hooked me in the off season.  So I go on Monday night when the Bachelor is going to be on… believing that I am strong enough to resist.  I am not.

So I've joined the Bachelor bandwagon … and I am telling you all now… so that its out there. 

News Flash:  I apparently, can't resist trash reality television.  God help me if "Two A Days" ever comes back.  I might not ever leave the couch.