There is a line in Jerry Maguire that keeps running through
my head.  “First Class… it used to be a
better meal.  Now it’s a better way of

In the past few weeks, I have come to understand exactly
what that means.  You see, I moved to
Houston.  (In case you missed that
posting).  I back to traveling some for
work, but now I fly Continental.  At Continental,
I have no status.  That was only on
American.  They loved me on American.

I’ve been learning what it’s like to be normal.  Well, normal in the sense of travel not
normal in the head.  They charge for the
exit row.  They charge you for checked
bags.  They don’t really give a shit
about you.  Not in a bad way… like it’s
not bad customer service – I just don’t exist to them.

I do not get that extra little piece of carpet in the
special line for me to board anymore.  My
bags don’t get loaded specially and I can’t board early to ensure that there is
bin space available.  Upgrading, forget
about it.  It’s lucky they even know my

I suppose its Karma. 
For all those times that I took it for granted on AA, that I could just
glide in at the last minute and grab that better seat, and that I could cut it
close since there were special lines for me. 
Hah!  No more.  Travel karma is biting me in the ass.  At least for the next 20,000 miles.