This morning I woke up and slowly walked into the kitchen to get the Excedrin Migraine.  I walked through a pile of salt on my kitchen floor. 

And then I remembered the science project that I conducted the night before.  Apparently, and according to my new BFF Alexis, if you put salt on a slug it flips upside down.  I poured quite a bit of salt on a slug on my kitchen floor and the asshole didn't flip or disappear or do anything.

However horribly my personal science experiment failed I learned something new. 

When you pour salt onto a slug, the slug appears to melt.  What is actually happening is the liquids and "blood" inside of the slug are sent to dilute the salt and maintain the mucus layer. Too much salt will effectively dehydrate the slug's body and kill it by making all of the liquid inside go to the outside.

So, I've got that going for me.  Which is nice.