A tinsy tiny part of me is a little bit sad that I never got
to use the unemployment debit card at Nordstrom’s.  I never actually even got to apply for
unemployment.   I mentioned it briefly…
but I have started a new career chapter. 
I am working at an IT company called The Planet.  It’s been a “world wind” 6 weeks.  And yes, I know that it’s actually whirlwind…
but I described by schedule as world wind and was corrected by Mensa
Kevin.  He is the freaky smart guy that
sits next to me. 

My other cube mate, Katie… has quickly become a bestie.  Seriously, she’s my work woobie.  We say things at the same time.  In the same tone of voice.  She’s a totally talented writer and edits
things I write to sound so much better than I could have imagined.

I used to think that I was really smart.  Since I started my new job, I have discovered
that I am not.  AND… you know that old
adage, there is always someone younger, smarter, better than you around the
bend… holy shit… y’all… its true.  I work
with them.  The only unique skill I have
is my mastery of the tape gun.  Swear to
God, it’s the only thing I can do better than them.  The tape gun baffles both Katie and Kevin.

I am back doing events, tradeshows and meetings.  The fundraising gig was not for me… so I’ve
gone back to what I know and love. 
Making lists and timelines and checking things off said lists.   One of my favorite things about my new job…
jeans.  Yep… casual all the time.  I love it. 
Though, recently I have found myself wanting to wear slacks and
heels.  But that feeling usually passes
by the time I finished snoozing.

Big Sara is thrilled that she only had to support me for 2
weeks.  She is more thrilled that I have
health insurance.  Oh and I think she is
pretty happy that I stopped crying. 

So I am back where I started a year ago… new job, new
people, new acronyms… and I want the learning curve to pass, but I want the fun
of getting to know people to last… and I really hope that they think my lack of
technical knowledge is still funny six months from now.