Monday is a big day. I’ll turn thirty three.  I
remember when that sounded so old.  Now it just seems normal.  I saw
a friend the other day that I hadn’t seen in about 4 years.  He looked at
me in a completely bewildered manner and said “you haven’t aged a day.”  I
think he meant it as a compliment; he just seemed so confused that I didn't
appear old.

This year has been a crazy roller coaster.  It seems like ages ago that I celebrated 32
by doing shots with my random neighbors. 
Houston was still new, people were all still new, and everything felt
like it had just changed.  What I find so
strange is that exactly one year later – I still feel the same way.  Am I stuck in some kind of emotional black

It’s been an interesting year filled with firsts and new
experiences.  These are some of the
things I remember as firsts, or at least the things I am willing to publish:

This year it was my first time to:

  • Shoot off fireworks in a suburban street
  • Play in a softball game

  • Win an award for something I was terrible at

  • Bake on a regular basis

  • Fall in love with a vampire

  • Drink too much bourbon at a wedding (oh wait,
    not actually the first time for that)

  • Be put in time out for not answering wildlife
    questions seriously
  • Go general admission to a concert
  • Participate in Halloween festivities (no, I didn’t
    dress up but I didn’t hide either)
  • Perform ‘Cool Rider’ at a party
  • Put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving

  • Wear a tutu to a Roller Skating 70s 1st
    birthday party (for myself)
  • Build a gingerbread village
  • Watch all the Dr Pepper Big 12, SEC or ACC
    Championship games from home

  • Steal a ‘most creative sign’ at Lights in the

  • Literally laugh so hard that I “threw up a
    little bit in my mouth”
  • Cook Christmas Dinner for 12 people and only
    screwed up the gravy
  • Want to kick a grown man’s ass (Jake on The
  • See the very best groom’s cake ever at Melissa
    and Alan’s wedding (it was the UT Tower)

  • Get 4 traffic tickets in one stop

  • Feel what its like to be without a job

  • Feel the sweet relief of finding a new job and actually kinda liking it

  • Earn miles on Continental Airlines
  • Drink a coke in about 10 years

  • Put together a computer ….

  • Feel like I’m starting over again at 23….

I am not where I thought I’dDream be when 13 year old Sherry
imagined turning 33.  I am not driving a
pink Corvette, living in a Dream House or married to Ken.  

But I think I am right where I am supposed to
be, at least for now.