Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Artsy Bag1
So, I really really want the Louis Vuitton Artsy bag that
debuted in March.  Consider the Artsy Bag as my force and me a Jedi then everything else in this blog will make sense.  

I’ve decided to make
it my reward for living a life of responsibility for at least 30 days.  I set all these goals and emailed them to my
friend Matthew letting him know he had to hold me accountable.  He’s totally willing – since he is a nice

Well, I thought he was nice guy and last night I found out
that the ONE book I asked him to read, he didn’t.  He read a few pages, took a pretend picture
of himself reading said book, emailed me the picture and then went and bought
the DVD.  So he’s not the nice guy we all
thought he was.  But I digress.

He is still responsible for holding me accountable.  He suggested that I tell my adoring public
all the things I have to do in June to earn the Louis Vuitton Artsy bag.

Before I share with all my goals, I want you to know that
you can support my efforts by sending Louis Vuitton store gift certificates. If
you don’t trust me, you can send them to Matthew.

Dancing Classes on Mondays!

Hot Yoga

Start a 5k training program

Only 1 Dr Pepper per day

Bring my lunch… (have to save up for the Artsy

No booze for the month (again, have to save up
for the Artsy Bag)

So, adoring public and cosmic void – check in on me every
now and then.  I know that I'll have to use the "ARTSY" to get me through a regular schedule of eating right, exercising and not sucking down CSDS.  Pray for the DP withdrawals
that I know are headed my way.  And get
ready for drunk belly dancing in July.