There has been so much talk and controversy about the
conference realignments in the news right now. 
I have girl friends asking me to explain it to them (I will need a wipe
off board and some markers) and I am obsessed with reading about it. I’ve made
small statements about my feelings but I haven’t sat down and written them all
out for you, my adoring public.

Here, in no particular order, are my reasons for loving and
hating this cluster f that is conference expansion:

  1. The possibility,
    however slight, that it might bring about a playoff system in college
    football.  The idea of a 32 team playoff
    over 5 weeks gets me hot.  Yeah, that
    kind of hot.

  2. The fact that, no matter what conference any
    team is playing in… fourth down and inches will still be exciting.  It doesn’t matter who you root for or what
    conference they are playing in… it’s what college ball is all about.

  3. That my years of toil and work creating the Dr
    Pepper Big 12 Championship game will have been for naught.  It’s a cruel trick from God.  Here Sherry, work on this project for 13
    years of your life, give of yourself, lose a gall bladder, go slightly insane…
    all trying to make this event greatness… and then I am going to snatch it away
    like it never existed.  *

  4. The fact that I really, really don’t want to
    have to call AT&T customer service to order the PAC 16 channel or add
    additional services just to watch my Longhorns. 
    I know there are millions, possibly billions of dollars at stake here,
    but I really hate calling customer service call centers.

  5. The fact that I cannot get behind Texas vs.
    Washington State, I can’t.  That’ll be
    the one weekend from Sept – Dec that people can get married and not risk my

  6. Because if OU goes to another conference, I don’t
    want to have to explain to my kids why we hate OU.  I want them born with that hate.

  7. Because frankly, the PAC 10 is in the Pacific
    Time Zone.  I cannot drink from SEC kick
    offs until PAC 10 conclusions.  Not
    without serious damage to my liver. 

  8. If they do this right, though, maybe just maybe
    some deserving schools like TCU and Boise State will get a chance for the big
    dance.  I like that idea.

  9. If they do this, whoever they are, do you think
    they’ll promise to rework the whole BCS system?

  10. Cause the Texas 2011 recruiting class is the
    best in the nation, and I don’t want to waste that on a USC program that can’t
    even play in the post season.

  11. Because if OU goes to the SEC, I will officially
    hate hearing about the SEC.  Right now, I
    can tolerate it.

  12. Is it just me or is basketball totally getting
    the shaft in all this?  Should there be
    conferences for football and ones for basketball … and should we base them all
    on television revenue?

  13. AND is it just me or have the Big East and ACC
    been really quiet through all this.  I
    will flip a gasket if West Virginia goes to the Big Ten or Miami goes to the
    SEC.  A gasket I tell you.

  14. Don’t get me wrong… I love all my friends that are
    Tech fans and I love all my friends that are A&M fans.  But, come on, neither program has the pull to
    start these dominos falling.  So if this
    works out for you, well, you are welcome. 
    If not, why do always blame Texas?

  15. The fact that politics is dictating that A&M
    and Texas stay together is horseshit.  Horseshit,
    I tell you. (I love using the term
    horseshit… so I’ll do it again). 
    team having to stick with another is horseshit.

  16. That SEC fans believe they are impervious to all
    this.  They honestly think that if they
    made no changes to their conference – that they could compete with a PAC
    16.  And here I thought Southerners were
    supposed to be humble.

  17. I find it confusing that if no more changes take
    place… does the Big Ten become the Big 12 and the Big 12 become the Big
    Ten.  It’s the “Whose on First?” of
    college football.  Come on,
    you can follow along… there were 12 teams in the Big 12, we lost Colorado and
      Nebraska.  Now there are ten.  There were 11 teams in the Big Ten, they
    added Nebraska.  Now there are

  18. OH
    and I can’t believe I almost forgot this one… if Texas goes to the Big
    Ten.  I do NOT want to play Ohio
    State.  Not cause they are great, but
    because they were total punks the last time we played and because 90% of their
    fans wear jorts, jerseys and black high tops.

  19. I have a policy that I typically cheer for the
    Big 12 South versus anyone else.  So
    would I have to the cheer for the PAC 16 South? 
    And would that be possible?  Aren’t
    there too many games?

  20. But what I love about all this is… that I’m
    getting to obsess about college football in June.  I am not just following camp or the
    recruiting class.  Its honest goodness excitement
    all day long about college ball. 

I don’t know how all this is going to end, I don’t think
anyone does.  I don’t know if OU is going
to get the 2004 National Championship or if Reggie Bush will lose his
Heisman.  I don’t know if we’ll be the PAC
16, the Big 12 (nee Big Ten), or if we’ll go play in the SEC.  I don’t know about any of it.  I just know that’s it 3:33 pm and OU still


Hook ‘em Horns.