Dear Adoring Public,

I've heard your outcry and many of you brought some greats points of clarity to my attention.  Many more of you just sent me texts and emails using only letters.  I've deleted you all from my life.

I realize there are a few exceptions to my rant.  These have become part of our vernacular and I accept that.  What I fear most, though, is that some of the dumb ones will also become part of our vernacular and that makes me sad.  Mostly, I fear that the youth of America might actually start to communicate in a totally different language that is only letters.  And then we'll have some kind of National Tragedy when none of them are able to find jobs.

"Is America's Workforce Ignorant?"

Well, actually, yes, Wall Street Journal… they've all graduated from high school and college and they have no idea how to string together a sentence that anyone older than 20 can understand.  It will be the apocalypse of the written word.  Like a damn genocide of the dictionary.  As daughter, grand-daughter and niece to English teachers I fear this day.  Mom and Aunt Sherry – take up your pens and fight!  And now, to all my friends with BAs in English or English Literature… you have a campaign worthy of your best efforts.  Your degree might actually provide you with a workable skill in my little "Fight to Save the English Language"  There is a battle to be waged and only you can do it.  

And this begs the questions for me.. do French speakers whore out their language this way?  Are they sending texts that use a just a V instead of VOUS… are they typing WE instead of OUI?  Do the Chinese only use half of one of those stickmen? Is this an International Crisis?

Regardless, here in no particular order are my exclusions:

– OMG – you can only abbreviate this if you actually say the letters out loud. 

– BTW – it just sounds fun.  So its OK.

– FYI – cause I like it and it started in business and before this teenage nonsense.

– WTF – cause that one just makes you feel better

– FML – see above note on WTF

– LOL – I actually prefer this to haha, unless you are a dude.  I don't think dudes should say LOL.

I am sure there are others, I just can't think of them right now. And WTF, I need to get back to work because OMG I have tons to do.  And BTW FML.