I received this email this morning from my loving mother, Big Sara.  Mensa Kevin, it looks like there is a great "coaching opportunity" for you here… you can teach Big Sara how to post to my blog.  And trust me that's something I would love to see.  I'd take the under on Big Sara beating you down in 30 minutes.  But I digress.  For your reading pleasure is Mom's take on my recent blog posts.  I thought it was pure genius and I think you'll see where I get my particular brand of crazy.

I don't know how to post a
reply on your blog, so I'm going to have to use the eighties version of
communication – e-mail.  I agree with you about the letters; however,
MY biggest peeve is using i for the pronoun I, which everyone learned is
capitalized when he/she was in kindergarten.  My students do it
repeatedly in things they turn in to me for a grade.  When they say,
"That's how I make my I's," I say, "This is how I make my -10 points." 
Some of them don't learn the lesson until about May.
Also, I'm not thrilled with your foul language.  Use a thesaurus.