Hello Sherry’s Adoring Public,

I’m Kevin and I hacked into Sherry’s blog. Actually, Sherry has referenced me on the blog as “Mensa Kevin” and my “hacking” was really Sherry just giving me her login information. Aside: Sherry, you could have chosen a less obvious password than “IWantToBeLikeKevin”.

While I’m sure you all want me to wax nostalgic about being a coworker of Sherry’s, my real intention here is to post a YouTube video from a recent conference we attended. I’m sure Sherry would have embedded the video if she knew how, so I don’t think she’ll be too upset with me.

A few interesting facts about the video:

  • When she started working here, Sherry swore up and down that she’d never be in front of the camera.
  • That didn’t last long.
  • Even after losing that battle, she said that she’d never be caught talking on camera.
  • I bet you know where this is going:

Without even batting an eye, Sherry explains (on video) how to complete the “Server Challenge.”

A few months ago, she was frustratedly asking me how to turn on her laptop (I recommended the power button … which worked) and look at her now … They grow up so fast.