My friend Danny was in a bad car accident a few months ago. He's had several surgeries and been confined mostly to a wheel chair. He and his wife Andi have been my #1 prayer – right after Mack Brown and Will Muschamp.

Today Danny had a pretty funny experience at church. I thought I'd share with you all now, cause it made me smile and say "Only in Texas, heh!"

From Danny:

I sat in the handicapped seating in my wheelchair at church this morning. Randomly George W. sat right next to me. Cool.

At the end of church when everyone stands and holds hands for the last song W grabs my hand. I'm kinda unstable on my one good leg, but I stand too.

When the singing starts he begins to forcefully swing his arms to the tune, causing me to loose balance and basically fall into the end of the pew that seperated us.

Then it happened, the President looks at me and says…."whoops, sorry."