Today's musings will be quick. They won't be that philosophical.  Its just a little something that's been on my mind today. 


Yes, hats.  I have an enormous head, so hats are not part of my wardrobe.  And I think that makes me quite sad.  The only hat that I have the potential to pull off is a baseball hat.  And even then it just accentates the largeness of my head.

I am not kidding about the size of my head.  A friend once that tried to make me feel better about it and was like, "no really, your head is totally normal.  We'll measure it and then we'll measure my husbands."  She believed that her husband's head was abnormally large.  I think she used the term freakishly big.  Since I'd had a daquiri or two, I agreed.

Our heads were exactly the same size.

I have these day dreams where I am in Paris with Mr. Right and I am wearing a beret. Or I am at the beach and I am wearing one of the giant floppy straw hats.  And I always look stunning in them.  That's the beauty of daydreams – we can be and look exactly how we want.  We can be hat people.

In life, though, I am not a hat person.  And frankly, there are a lot of people that are out wearing hats and they shouldn't be.  The teenagers with them turned askew. The guys that wear them with there bangs sticking out.  Or that don't curl the bill.  The guys that wear fedoras or those golf hats.  Only old men like my Uncle Bill should wear those hats.

And cowboy hats… ok, this post might not actually be quick.  Cowboy hats.  If you don't know how to wear it.  Well, then you probably shouldn't be wearing it.  The rule is that simple. Felt in the fall, straw in the summer.  If you are a girl, yes, you can wear one of those cute ones that turns up.  But wear it well.  Worn poorly, you just look slutty.

So I have no idea why hats have been on my mind today, but they have.  So I've come to the cosmic void to say… that every hat serves a purpose and if you are wearing a hat with no purpose… then perhaps you should take it off.

I need for each and every one of us to accept that we are not all hat people.  We can't be.  If we were then there would just be hats everywhere.

So I am going to refrain from trying to make a beret look decent on my giant head if you'll all agree to do the same.  Except for the Derby.  At the Derby… we should all aspire to be hat people.

This post loving dedicated to Katie Solan, who is a hat person, and wears them well. Hipster Fedora included.