Its been a little while since I've sat down and done one of these.  When I decided I should post a new one, I realized this is like my simple way of saying the things I am grateful for, long for and am excited for… perhaps these "I Believes" are a simple version of my prayers.

So, today, here is what I, Sherry, believe.

Well, I believe in singing along.
In war movies, Crystal Light packets and twin souls.
I believe in the twinkle in his eyes and the one sided grin.

Well, I believe in writing letters.
In Diorshow mascara, iTunes and wicked smart people.
I believe in the power of friendships, the comfort in old ones and the hope in new ones.

Well, I really believe in that breathless moment right before you kiss.
In Jeremiah 29:11, MacBook Pros and personal fans.
I still believe, despite it all, in butterflies.

Well, I believe I am blessed.
In soul mates, work besties, and hearing J & G say "I love you, Aunt Sherry"
And I still really, really believe in that breathless moment right before you kiss.

Well, I believe in the Texas Longhorns.
In the wishbone offense, the Louis Vitton Artsy Bag and Benadryl.
And I still believe in holding hands as much as possible.

Well, I believe above all that the Lord has a plan for me.
In the amazing people I've met, in the challenges I have faced and
I believe and look forward to the adventures to come.