So, if you are a follower of this blog, hopefully you’ve seen my notes about heading to Costa Rica. If not, you have clearly not been keeping up – so take a minute click on the “Sherry Spam” button on the right side panel. This will send you an email with my blogs and you’ll be able to keep up.  Because I know, that you all are sitting at work, clicking F9 to refresh your Outlook and see what I have to say.

For the next eight days, I’ll be taking a hiatus from… I’ll focus my efforts on writing about my experience on a mission trip with Highland Park United Methodist Church.

The content will be a little different from what you find here.  I don’t anticipate talking about the cosmic void, my adoring public or a barista boyfriend.  But the journey will still be there.  And, I assure you that the crazy will still be there.

I hope you’ll take the time to follow me and our whole mission team as we experience Costa Rica and help create a children’s home near San Jose…

I am confident that the journey will be worth it.  See you there.