These days there are rules for everything.  Rules for how to dress, how to meet men, how to date, how not to date, email etiquette rules, cube etiquette rules, THE RULES…. but today, adoring public,  a friend of mine shared three simple rules for life.   I am throwing out my personal mission statement, tearing up my goals and objectives and from now on I plan to try to live by these simple rules. 

Here they are, as they were relayed to me:

We don’t hit our friends. We don’t poop our pants and we don’t eat our poop.

Three simple rules.

1.  Don’t hit your friends.  Pretty basic.  The people in life that are there for you, that lift you up, that make you laugh… don’t do them wrong.  Don’t hit them.

2. We don’t poop our pants.  A good rule of thumb in lots of situations… but really, for life, too.  Try your very hardest not to make decisions that will ruin you.  Don’t do things that make you stink.  Don’t do things that make you smell.  Don’t do things that make others not want to be around you.  Don’t poop your pants.

3.  We don’t eat our poop.  Another solid rule.  Literally and figuratively.  If you poop your pants, if you make a bad choice or something bad happens… don’t wallow in it.  Don’t try to make into something its not.  Don’t eat the poop.

I am sure you’ve figured out by now, that this sage advise was provided by a 3 year old.  But ladies and gentlemen, he inspired me.   You know what?  I am pretty sure if he follows his own advice – he’ll be a good man, a successful man, and a man with a lot of friends.

Three. Simple. Rules.