I’ve said it before and I know we’ve all thought it… life would be so much more interesting if it had background music.  It’d be kind of helpful too…think about it.

You come home late at night… a scary track starts to play.  You know to turn the eff around cause there is a Manson follower in your home waiting to kill you.

You meet your boyfriend for dinner… a sad lonely tune starts to play.  Save yourself the trouble, get your order to go… cause you are about to get dumped.

Need to lose weight… just play a fast paced, inspiring song… enter your montage of running, jumping, lifting weights… done, you are automatically 10 pounds lighter.

I started to think about this the other day and I can’t really shake the thought process.  I wondered what the soundtrack of my life would be like.  Would the songs that make the final cut be inspiring and uplifting or would they be sad lonely tunes of doubt?

I started to think about this because my cousin, Randy posted the song “Something to Believe In” by the Ramones on his wall and said that he had “a feeling there’s at least one Ramones song on the soundtrack to everyone’s life”  Which is pretty poetic until I realized that the Ramones weren’t on my soundtrack.

Did that mean my soundtrack wasn’t mainstream? Did that mean my soundtrack was lame? Did it possibly mean that I  have the exact same soundtrack as I did as a 13 year old girl?

So here is my question for the you and the cosmic void, “What’s the soundtrack of your life sound like?”  Will it also lead to dancing and singing along or is it all classical musical?

I decided to sit down and think about the soundtrack of my life and so far this, ladies and gentlemen is the soundtrack of my life:

On My Own, from Les Miserables
Holding on for a Hero, from Footloose
Crazy Love, The Van Morrison version
A Bad Goodbye, Clint Black
Sherry, Franki Valli (think this one is pretty obvious)
December, 1963 by Franki Valli (I share this one with Grant Springer)
Cool Rider, from Grease
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Elton
Help Me Make it Through the Night, Willie
Take Me or Leave Me, from Rent
It Must Have Been Love, Roxette
Landslide, Stevie Nicks
Southern Voice, Tim McGraw
This is How We Do It, Montell Jordan
Forever and Ever Amen, Randy Travis
The Woman With You, Kenny Chesney

Here is what I want from you, adoring public… I want to know your soundtracks or at least your theme songs (you know like from Ally McBeal).

Because right now, I need something to inspire me and I think a soundtrack created by my public is just the ticket!