For Lindy… for reminding me to write.

It has been a few weeks since I’ve had time to post anything spectacular on here and as members of my adoring public, I can only imagine how significantly this has impacted your ability to function in day-to-day life.  For that I am truly sorry.

You see, I’ve had a whole lot of change going on lately.  I’ve been writing other stories for a book.  Yeah, you heard me, a book.  Some people write because they feel called or compelled to tell a story.  It’s their art.  I am writing a book so that someday I can be on Ellen.  While I am anxiously awaiting calls from publishers and the folks at Ellen, I’ve gone back to school.  I’ve donned a Jansport backpack and am strolling the halls with students that are young enough to actually be my children.  Granted, I would have had to have given birth at 15 years old… but it is biologically possible.

I’ve offered this little insight into my schedule to help provide some perspective on where my head’s been at these past few weeks.  There have been some interesting experiences as I’ve adjusted back into the routine of being a student.  Things like:

  • Paying attention in class – instead of playing on my phone during a meeting
  • Reading material the night before and actually learning it – instead of scanning a PowerPoint 5 minutes before a meeting begins
  • The idea that just because I’ve left the building doesn’t mean my school day is done… for some, when they left the office, the work day was complete.  As a student, I’ve learned that when I leave the building the long part is just beginning. Oh, and that saying at the office “It will all still be here when you come in tomorrow.”  It doesn’t apply to school.

At some point in the past three weeks or so I read an article about “Amazing Moments.”  The author simply made a list of moments in her life that were amazing… and well, cosmic void, it got me to thinking.

I cannot honestly say that in the past few weeks I’ve had AMAZING moments… I like to reserve that term for marriage, child-birth, etc.  I have, however, had a whole bunch of “Moments of Grace” as I’ve come to call them.

Moments when I see the good in whatever the situation is.
Moments when I see the funny in whatever the situation is.
Moments when I see the ridiculous in whatever the situation is.
Moments when I am graced with something comforting – a sense of accomplishment, the feeling of being loved, a smile, a laugh, contentment, hope or even a simple sense of well being.

I am sending this list out to the cosmic void… it’s a simple list of my Moments of Grace from my past few weeks.  I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to find your own Moments of Grace. And if you do, I’d love to hear about them.

  1. Getting it done. No matter what it is.
  2. Lapping people on the jogging/walking trail – even if they are on crutches. Whatever. It’s a small victory and I’ll take it.
  3. Re-connecting with an old friend.
  4. A belly laugh on the DART light rail platform that literally left me winded and made my abs hurt.  And that still makes me laugh a day later.
  5. Feeling totally alone and helpless.  Then Big Sara calls and I know that I am not even close to alone.  How she knows exactly when to call is beyond me.
  6. Picking out everyday china with a good friend and then changing it and then changing it back.
  7. Realizing that even though I am 100 years older than everyone in my class, that just means I am 100 years wiser than everyone in my class.
  8. A decent view during my morning walk with the sun on my face to distract me from the effing blister on my heel.
    The View on My Morning Walk
  9. Teaching Big Sara how to text on her iPhone.
  10. Keeping The Zac Brown song “Whatever It Is” on repeat all day long.
  11. Internet shopping but not internet purchasing.
  12. The email from City of Dallas that was NOT a ticket but a credit for my water and trash bill.
  13. Finding the perfect pillow and blanket placement that allows me to fall, ever so softly, into my sleep.
  14. The weird lady doing some kind of calisthenics at the park that actually looks like she is landing a plane.  She makes me giggle every morning.
  15. Remembering to put up that sun-shade thing in my car so that I don’t burn my ass on black leather that is hotter than the surface of the sun.  If just feels so responsible.
  16. Forgetting a regular bra to change into after working out in the morning and then giggling all the way through my first class as an entire lecture on Beethoven is delivered to my nipples.
  17. Not having squeaky brakes, an overdue oil change or a banged up back bumper anymore. (Props to Big Sara for this Moment of Grace)
  18. Calling really good friends ‘hooker’ and being called ‘hooker’ in return. All the while knowing that the term hooker is filled with crazy love, hearts and flowers.
  19. Finding cheesy inspirational sayings and putting them up all over the house.
  20. Getting notes or emails from people I’d never expect read this little blog.
  21. Twix Bars.
  22. Hugging someone and when I start to let go – they squeeze harder.
  23. Saying ‘How the hell are ya?’ when someone calls that I haven’t talked to in awhile. Something about it just feels right.
  24. Feeling guilty about not seeing friends as much as I should… so I put off calling them … And then realizing that there is a reason we’ve been friends forever – they know I suck at calling people.
    (Still haven’t called but I am hoping that they’ll still answer.  And I am pretty sure they will.)
  25. Telling the 18 year old next to me in English class that I refuse to do a peer review of his paper as it’s typed in comic sans… Then sticking by my stance until he decides to be an adult – at least in his font selections.
  26. Seeing a girl at the gym change into her Hooters waitress outfit and being thankful for a flat chest and big ass – as it ensures that I’ll never have to wear tights during the Texas summer.
  27. Keith Whitley.
  28. Freaking the eff out and then realizing that it’s all going to be okay. Probably not today or tomorrow or even this month – but eventually.
  29. Doing crunches and not wanting to kill myself or anyone else for that matter.
  30. Knowing myself well enough to know that if I did a pushup I would absolutely want to kill someone.
  31. Watching a British movie and then giving the voice in my head a British accent for at least a week and being super tempted to use my spot on Kate Middleton accent on the dude at 7-11.
  32. Seeing an adorable horizontal striped dress at Target. Putting it in my basket. By the time I reached ‘active wear’ accepting that NO ONE looks good in horizontal stripes and putting it back… on to a random rack of men’s athletic shorts.  Looking around to see if anyone saw me. Then going to office supplies to buy the only thing I actually needed – index cards. Totally hypothetical, of course.
  33. Feeling like I ‘stuck it’ to Target as I actually only purchased the index cards I needed instead of index cards, a swimsuit, a striped dress, a juicer and Armor-All.
    *Note to the staff at the Target on Skillman and Abrams. Sorry if you found a cart filled with those things in the pet aisle – I have no idea who would have left it there.
  34. Listening to that Mumford and Sons’ song that says ‘I really fucked it up this time’ and finding comfort in the fact that I am clearly not the only fuck-up. Mumford and his sons are too.
  35. Seeing freckles appear everyday
  36. Finding a lone random Ambien in the bottom of my travel bag and putting it somewhere safe for a special occasion.