Well, I believe in Diet Sunkist.  The new iPad, my new curtains, and that the West Nile Virus is terrifying.

I believe in rambling conversations with a good friend that make you cry.  That my new car is super comfortable and made even more comfortable by the fact that my sister misses it so desperately.


Well, I believe that my future niece and nephew are going to be a-freaking-mazing.  I believe that the 3D sonograms are freaky, but I liked seeing my niece’s little chubby cheeks.

I believe in helping your sister move, but more importantly hiring people to unpack her and put things together.  I believe my mom is going to be an incredible grandmother.  I know this because she is truly obsessed with everything baby. 

Well, I Believe in road trips to visit old friends and talking like not a second has passed instead of 3 months.  I believe in late night drives home and listening to monster ballads all the way up Interstate 45.

I believe working hard with people you love is actually easy.  I believe I’ve found the coolest group of co-workers that a girl could ask for.

Well, I believe I have neglected this blog.  In Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches, ballet flats and sock buns.  I believe that Pinterest is the single greatest cause of my insomnia and that the ID Channel is the greatest television innovation of the 21st century.