I’m in Boston.  Its snowing.  I forgot a coat.  But that’s not the reason I am writing this blog.  I am here to visit the twins.  They are spectacular.  True baby geniuses.  In case you are way behind in my life, I recently became an Aunt to Zack and Sara.  They turn 4 months old on Wednesday.  I love them beyond compare.  But you know what I learned the past few days.  I am in no way, shape or form ready to be a parent. 


Did you know that you can’t just sleep through the crying?  Apparently crying must be tended to… and I like my sleep way too much for that.  I also find it hard to find ways to entertain 4 month old babies.  I mean, they are so cute but they kind of just eat, sleep and need to be changed. 

This morning I fed Zack.  It was so sweet after he finished he cuddled up on my shoulder and I kissed his sweet head.  Then he projectile vomited down my back.  It wasn’t the most tender moment that we’ve shared.

There is also a lot of singing.  Babies like singing.  I like to sing but I like to sing along to Pink and Mumford and Sons.  Apparently babies like “You are my Sunshine” and “Patty Cake.”

The bottle making is a process like nothing I’ve seen and we have to do it twice.  Changing clothes is a workout for me cause I spend the whole time chasing arms and legs to put into clothes.  And bedtime, don’t get me started on bedtime.  That’s a 45 minute process.  How in the world would I be able to watch endless episodes of Law and Order:  SVU if I’m spending so much time changing babies, feeding babies, singing to babies, dressing babies and reading to babies. 

On the flip side, my heart literally skips a beat when Zack or Sara smile.  It’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.  Z has these little dimples when he smiles and I just know that in the years to come he’s going to flash me those dimples and I’ll give him whatever he wants.  Sara has these enormous deep blue eyes that peer right into your soul.  I can guarantee that she’ll only have to look at me and I’ll give her the world.

So maybe what I am saying is that it’s not even close to time for me to be a mother but it’s the perfect time to be an Aunt.