Most of the blogs that I write here are small and funny and mostly unimportant ramblings from a thirty-something singleton.  But not this one.  This one matters to me.

You see, about 4 and ½ years ago, I got a call from a friend.  Her 10 month old was in intensive care with Type 1 Diabetes.  Her son, Charlie, was fighting for his life.  I remember thinking… diabetes?  Babies don’t have diabetes.  Since then I have learned so much about Type 1 diabetes just from Charlie.  I’ve seen a parent’s love in Charlie’s mom and dad’s tireless care for him and tireless efforts to support JDRF.

ImageI wish I did more.  I wish I had more to give to them.  I wish a lot of things, but mostly I wish for a cure for Charlie.  You see…. Twenty years ago his mother stood beside me as I learned my father had died.  In that second, she became the friend I knew I’d have for life.  So I am using my silly little blog to tell you about Charlie and to ask each of you… as my friend… to donate to Charlie’s JDRF fundraising efforts.  Because, you see, I can never do enough or help raise enough money to pay Jordan back for a lifetime of friendship or standing beside me during my darkest moments in life.  It is why, on that day 4 and ½ years ago, when she called… I rushed to the hospital not understanding at all what was happening to Charlie.

The Twins are 10 months old right now and its finally possible for me to understand a tiny sliver of the fear that struck my friend’s heart that day.  Everyday since then she and Brian have monitored Charlie’s glucose levels, taught him to understand what his numbers mean, served tirelessly on committees and boards at JDRF and worked everyday to help find and fund a cure for this disease.

The very least I can do is use every sounding board I have to ask you to donate here to Jordan, Brian, Charlie and Tommy’s fundraising efforts.  Please. For Charlie.  For Me.

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