You know the thing on Facebook – the thirty days of grateful thing – well I can’t do it.  Not because I’m not grateful but because I can’t remember to do something everyday.  I mean, I had to get a birth control implant thingie cause I couldn’t even remember to take that pill and that’s a damn important pill.  But I digress. 

Rather than try to remember to post each day, I thought I’d just give you, my adoring public, a one-stop shop of the things I am grateful for.  So brace yourself public, for here in no particular order, are the things I am the most grateful for.

zands2Without question or pause, I am grateful for Zack and Sara.  They are these amazing miracles that have brought such joy back into my splintered family.  Because of them I am closer to my sister, my mother and my brother-in-law than I have ever been.  They have pulled us all together by the common thread of our adoration of them and in turn brought me back into the folds of a loving, if not totally dysfunctional family.

 I am grateful that I work at a place that I like and with people I love.  I mean, we all get on each other’s nerves and can fight like sisters – but I am beyond blessed to call my co-workers my friends.  I am strangely grateful for Facebook for it has allowed me to re-connect with people from my past and provided a platform for me to share these terrible ramblings that I post. I am grateful for the father figures in my life that stepped forward when I lost my own.  Men like Dr. Hildebrand whom we laid to rest on Monday.  May he rest in peace, secure in the knowledge that he lived life well.

I am grateful to my patient friends who allow for the ebb and flow of my engagement – my friends that always welcome me back into the “crowd” even after long absences of travel, work and disconnection on my part. I am grateful for Christian Diorshow Mascara … for creating the façade that I have great eyelashes.   Did I mention Zack and S

ara yet?  Because they are amazing little beings and I can’t even remember my life before them.  I am so grateful for their sloppy, wet, open mouthed kisses and their giggles when you sing to them


and their all out belly laughs at each other. I am grateful I work for a boss that lets me say “fuck” and doesn’t judge me.  Though a challenging year, I am, as ever, grateful for the Texas Longhorns.  And this year,I am grateful to the Texas Tech Red Raiders for hiring Kliff Kingsbury… its been a real pleasure to watch him on the sidelines this year. 

I am grateful for beards and no-shave November.  I am especially grateful to all my guy friends that let me pet their beards and just patiently wait while I admire their faces.  They are ever tolerant of me and my obsession. I am grateful that I have a wonderful home that is about to be transformed for the holidays.  I am grateful that I have a wide circle of friends and family to celebrate those holidays with. I am grateful that my foray into on-line dating didn’t end in disaster with the convict.  Oddly, enough, I am grateful to American Airlines for flying me safely from city to city for over 50,000 miles and never killing me.  I am grateful for my old, worn and marked up Bible that patiently waits for me to reach for it to find comfort.  I am grateful for my deliciously wonderful couch and the many nights that I’ve found myself asleep there.

I am grateful for the sass I feel when I wear a pair of tall boots or great heels.  I am thankful for the new projects and programs I’ve been given this year professionally and how they’ve challenged me to learn and do things I didn’t know I could do. I am grateful that I found a new friend, Eric from an old friend, his father, Mark.  Grateful that I have the ability to say “I have a 22 year old dude roommate” and see the look on people’s faces.  But so grateful that “that dude” is so easy to live with and tolerates my eccentricities. I am grateful for the mess of new friends I’ve made this year across the world… how fun it is to have dear friends that not even distance can disrupt our friendship.

Zack and Sara… I’m grateful for them.  Did you know that? It’s amazing to look at them, and see my sister in them.  To see how she created life beyond her own.  I am so thankful that I get to watch her blossom into a loving, graceful and concerned mother.  How grateful am I to see my own mother transformed into Mimi…to watch someone so obviously in love with her grandchildren. I am grateful for seat warmers in the car.  Those are quite nice.  I’m grateful for Dr Pepper, grape koolaid and left over Halloween candy.  I am grateful for Pinterest and how it has helped me kill hours of boredom on planes, trains, automobiles and doctor’s offices. I am grateful for whoever invented the text message so I no longer have to talk on the phone.

I am grateful to anyone that has made me laugh this year.  Bonus points to those who gave me a full belly laugh and mad props to anyone that made me snort-laugh.  For nothing is better than the snort-laugh.

Mostly, this November, I am grateful for another year of amazing memories… A year focused on family and watching little beings find themselves… A year of experiences and laughter with friends.  Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am … to be surrounded by people that like me, much less love me.  A lot of my memories in the past have been sad; holidays that were always missing something or just one step off.  But this year has been overflowing with blessings and the twinnies have brought joy back into my holidays – dare I say it – they’ve even removed the dread I often felt around the holidays.  That’s why, adoring public, I am over the moon grateful for these two little lives that have transformed me.  They are magical.

Finally, I am grateful for you, adoring public.  For your responses to my posts, for your encouragement in my writing, for reading these rambling posts, for forwarding these rambling posts and for being a part of my life. My cup runneth over…