Well, I believe in those conversation heart candies, flowers and cheesy cards. I believe that your best Valentine is always your first Valentine – your daddy. I believe romantic comedies gave me unrealistic expectations.

candyheartsI still believe in love… I’m just not sure I’ll know it when I see it. I believe in holding hands and curling up together on the couch.

Well, I believe that I might love my dog more than any man I’ve ever dated and that his kisses are actually better than a lot of the men I’ve dated. I believe that we absolutely should have a day where we celebrate romance and affection and love.

But what I know is that I’ll probably spend my Valentine’s Day curled up in my chair with a good book, a smooth bourdon and the man in my life – Boone.

And I believe it’ll be the perfect day, as long as somebody gives me those conversation heart candies… cause those are my guilty pleasure.