In the movie, Bull Durham, Annie Savoy believes in the Church of Baseball.  In a particularly glorious scene she asks Crash David what he believes in.  To which he replies:

Well, I believe in the soul… the cock…the pussy… the small of a woman’s back… the hangin’ curveball… high fiber… good scotch… that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent overrated crap… I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a Constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, soft core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve, and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days. Goodnight.

One particular night in Houston I was watching Bull Durham and remember just how much I loved this quote but it also got me to thinking… what do I believe in?  Not just God or his goodness and mercy… but things in life I can always count on.  So I turned to my favorite companions – my Facebook friends.  I posted this quote that night and  lots of people liked it.  So the next day during a lull in work (there were a lot of lulls back then) I posted a list of things I believed in on Facebook. I think it went something like this:

Well, I believe in the college bowl system. Market candles, queso and TiVo.  I believe that the Big Ten is overrated and I believe that having someone play with my hair will never get old.  And I believe that men should still hold doors and that the guy that does the half stand thing when you leave the table is totally hot.

I think that was the first post or its pretty close.  Guess what? lots of people liked it.  I was encouraged so I posted again the next day.  And again the next. And then I skipped a day and got some notes and texts asking where my “I Believe” was for the day. 

A concept was born.

A few weeks later I was eating my morning grapefruit that was possibly past its prime while looking at baby pictures my friends sent me and I got to thinking about how my ovaries were growing cobwebs.  So again, I went to my go-to – Facebook – and said

If I were to start a blog  it would begin with a grapefruit that is possible expired, pictures of babies and me wondering if my ovaries were almost expired like this grapefruit.

My intent was to be random and funny – but what happened was a whole bunch of comments telling me to absolutely start a blog.  So I marinated on it for a day or two. I didn’t know what I would call it or even what I would write about.  But ultimately I decided to give a whirl and one online sign-up on WordPress later… “Well, I Believe” the blog was began. In the beginning I had no strategy, no content plan, but my God, I looked forward to writing something every day.  My day was either good or bad depending on how many people commented or liked whatever I posted.  Seriously.

The more important thing I discovered is that I loved writing.  Here was something that gave me joy and it wasn’t hard.  Like, before when I tried a hobby – I would get frustrated or angry and the results were usually tragic.  For example, I tried baking for a while.  Luckily, Mensa Kevin would eat anything I made as long as it wasn’t burnt but nothing ever turned out right and sometimes the instructions didn’t make sense and there was ALWAYS a mess to clean up and a few fire department visits.  With writing, the time flies by, I picture what I’m saying or the story I am telling.  Sometimes I am just letting go of whatever issue I am overthinking at the moment.  I’m not the best with grammar or syntax like Big Sara… but I’m better than most so I sneak past a lot of people’s editing (Big Sara often sends post-posting corrections to me, though).  I’m never going to be a Pulitzer Prize winning author or anything. I don’t aspire to be.  Sure, thoughts of the great American novel sometimes pop into my head but I don’t really believe that I have a “Catcher in the Rye” or “Great Gatsby” in me. 

What I have found is that I am not alone. 

Through writing and posting, I’ve discovered that so many things I thought were just me… are not… they are so many other people.  Those other people are what keep me penning things.  When I get a note that says “Me too” or a “thanks for your openness” or a “I have that same issue” … my heart swells and my fears subside.  My last post was a little scary to send out to the cosmic void (I’ll explain the CV in minute)…. I was admitting very publicly that I struggle with real, diagnosed clinical depression. I am sure some people were off put by that or don’t think of it as a disease, but I know from the feedback that more people realize how many people struggle with mental illness, that it has a stigma, and that being pure, open and honest about it isn’t easy.  I needed to know that.  To hear from those people.  I suppose that makes my writing even more selfish… as it gives me the support I need and makes me feel less alone.  In a nutshell, writing energizes me, inspires me, helps me cope and helps me relate.  This is the best hobby ever! That’s why I do it.  I let it go for a while during a hard times and then when work got too busy.  Eventually I came to the realization that it is something I need and I need to make time for it.  So I’ve created a schedule and planned some posts to keep me regular for awhile – hoping it becomes a habit.  Don’t fret, though, there will still be spontaneous posts and we are never far from a Sherry rant. 

For the newbies, I suppose there a few things you should know, some terms to consider:

Cosmic Void:  consider this religion/faith.  I believe in Christ Jesus and I pray.  But my writing is just me releasing thoughts into the universe.  Letting them go to fade off into the cosmic void. I also try not to push too hard on my own faith and beliefs on the blog.  I’ll talk some about the Lord and sometimes about my faith struggles.  But I’d rather open these ideas up to anyone that believes or even people without a spiritual faith.  I think that keeping my faith simple on the blog keeps it opens to other ideas about religion and faith.

Adoring Public:  that’s you.  You may not know it now but you adore me and just about everything I have to say.  So when I address you, it will typically be as my adoring public.

Big Sara:img_7653  my mother.  Most amazing woman I know, truly.  Best Mimi on the planet.  But freaking hilarious and I’m not sure she totally knows it.  She cuts me NO SLACK, puts up with no bullshit and most of the time she is shaking her head and saying “Shit, Sherry.”  She will appear throughout the blog – her insights, her disgust at my ideas, her no bullshit tolerance of my ideas, her love of reading, and her love of the twins.

Boone:  the man in my life.  My dog.  My best friend.  Seriously the best dog I know.  I spend a ridiculous amoimg_7800unt of time with him and he is never far from my side.  So he’ll be talked about quite a bit throughout this blog. I wasn’t a HUGE dog person before, may not be still, but I am a HUGE Boone person.  He’s hilarious, he’s lazy as fuck, obsessed with petting, poorly trained and amazing.




Twinnies:  my niece and nephew. 

1) Funniest people I know
2) 4-year olds th
at I love as my own.

3) My sister’s kids that I spend a really odd amount of time with for just being the aunt.

Totsie:  what the twins call me.  Their first nanny had a unique French dialect and when I would go visit them in Boston she always called me “Tauntsy’ which was basically Auntie in French. 

However, Big Sara and I were two hick Texans/Louisianans and kept saying “What? TOOTSIE? TOTSIE?” And in our efforts to sound cultured and classy using the term “Tauntsy”… it just got bastardized into Totsie.  The twins were infants so we can’t even blame them for the bastardization.

I, of course, immediately loved it.  I’m not an Aunt… I am more than Aunt – I’m a Totsie.  Z and S have never called me anything else.  They don’t even know I have a name and once I tried to explain it to Sara and she just ignored me.  So perhaps someday they’ll understand my name is Sherry but they are never allowed to call me anything but Totsie or Tots.  Even the au pairs they had after Marie (Totsie creator) have all called me Totsie. 


Well, I Believe:  Periodically I’ll go back in time and post a list of things I believe.  No message, no moral, just things I love and believe in.  These are my favorites and I encourage you to come up with your own random lists like this.  Its fun to think of things that make you happy or ideas you have and just throw them out into the cosmic void.  Feel free to post your own in the comments on the blog or on Facebook.

That’s really all I can think of to tell you about the backstory and to get you up to speed on  I hope you’ll read it often, sign up for Sherry Spam, comment regularly, tell me what you think, what you love and what you hate. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey – I hope you love it as much as do