Before I dig into the meat of this post, I need to give you a little bit of background information.

First, I don’t like crowds.  Actually, when I was younger I didn’t like crowds – now they literally give me panic attacks.  I kind of freak out unless medicated in a big crowd.  I’ve learned to tolerate airports but you will never find me at a music festival.

Second, a fire has been lit after this election cycle.  It wasn’t until I saw how bleak life looks when women are degraded instead of respected or until I saw behavior that I found reminiscent of Nazi Germany that my personal fire lit the eff up.  But it did.  I’ve tried very hard to stay respectful of people’s personal beliefs – I really have – but I will not stay silent to my government.  Especially after reading “Letter from Birmingham Jail.

My friend, Jordan and her mother invited me to march with them in Austin at the Women’s March.  I said “HELL YES” super-fast.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I really thought about being one of possibly 200,000 people marching.  I counted my Xanax and decided that I can survive the crowd – that taking a stand was more important that whether I was stoned on downers while doing it.

Net: This girl who is terrified of crowds is marching in a big crowd of like-minded people on Saturday.  I thought my adoring public might like to know WHY I AM MARCHING…

There is a hashtag trending #whyimarch and I joined in with a picture of Little Sara. Let’s start there.

I am marching for Little Sara.  I am speaking up and out so that she never has to beg for equal pay or not feel like she owns her body.  I march so that she can take equality for granted.  God, let her be able to take it for granted.

I am marching to join my voice with the brave women before me that marched and protested.  I want my voice and my vote to be heard and recognized.  It is time.  I am marching because I can.  How great is it that we live in a place where I can march in protest of what I think is wrong in our government or society and it be 100% legal?  I march because I can.

I march because love is love.  Love is love is love is love and it trumps hate.  Let me tell you why this one matters so very much to me. I had a male friend ask me once why I cared so much about marriage equality – being as I’m not gay and could marry freely.  To which I said:

Real, true lasting love is really hard to find.  I’ve been dating for 25 years and haven’t found it.  So, if two people have it – who are we to stop them from legitimizing, legalizing and recognizing their love publicly – with all the same rights and benefits that I have.  For me, it is about finding love and I just don’t think our government needs to put any more roadblocks up to sharing that love.  Trust me, we all have enough of our own emotional roadblocks we don’t need legal ones.

I march for hope and not fear, never fear.  I march so that attitudes and laws will change – not just for women – but for all people considered less in our new administration.  I march for social, economic, personal and political equality.

You don’t have to agree with any of the reasons that I march or my politics.  I’m not asking for you to believe the same way that I do.  But I am asking you to believe in me and support me – to say – “YAY YOU!  Glad you are using your voice for your beliefs.”

I hope each of you will also use your voice for your beliefs.  Because you know I’m all about …. Believing.