It is February.  The month of love and Presidents. I think I’ve talked about Presidents far too shutterstock_46366777much lately; I’ve decided to talk all about love for the month of February.  There is actually a limit to how much I can say about my own love life… so I’ve asked others for input in this series, as well.

Here’s what you can expect… first to laugh hysterically at the ridiculous circus that is dating today, some background on my unreasonable expectations in love and I’ll even delve into the history of Valentine’s Day.

My favorite part of this series is the “others input” … since I’ve found it so difficult to find real, true and lasting love I’ve asked a few friends and loved ones to tell me the story of how they found THE ONE, how they knew and how they sealed the deal.

I’m hoping that these stories will warm your heart and that the research will help me discover the secret to finally ending my, so far, unsuccessful soul mate search.  Finally, I’ll wrap up the month by sharing why, despite of all you will have read that I still believe in love and that even if I’m ninety in a nursing home that I’m betting he is still out there.  He is just clearly trapped under a heavy object or married to the wrong woman.

I really hope these posts live up to all my own hype.