The backstory of my life isn’t that interesting but the forward story seems to be a blast so far.  I started this little blog in September of 2009… in response to my growing an “adoring public” on Facebook.  Apparently I  I have so much more to say than I could put in my little status updates.

So one morning, I started writing and I haven’t stopped yet.  Well, I paused for a while when life and work got to be too much… but I’m back.  Its blissful for me, the writing process… telling stories, painting images, sharing burdens and making people laugh.

This blog, started with a  status that said “Well, I Believe”… and so the theme continues through the blog.  Its about my journey through life.  Its about finding Mr. Right, telling about all the Mr. Wrongs, its about finding the right job, the right outfit or the right pair of shoes. It is about being open and honest.  Relating to people and appreciating our differences.  This isn’t a how-to, DIY, or cooking blog.  I can’t do any of those things, but I can be real, honest and true.  So that is what this is.

This blog is me… just in words.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.