Well, I Believe…

This is about me. This is about you. This is mostly about me.



My Glass Case of Emotion

I awoke early this morning. It's Moving Day and I had a few things to finish before heading home....again. I have moved away from home twice now and come back twice now. It's hard for me not to look back... Continue Reading →

That Summer

Summer is dawning and I’m reminded where I was 20 years ago. On top of the world. High school was behind me and I had two months of utter freedom before packing my bags and starting life at the Scottish... Continue Reading →

Well I Believe in Valentine’s Day… still

Well, I believe in those conversation heart candies, flowers and cheesy cards. I believe that your best Valentine is always your first Valentine – your daddy. I believe romantic comedies gave me unrealistic expectations. I still believe in love… I’m... Continue Reading →

Who am I… I’m 24601…

If you get the reference in the title of this post, well then, I like you just a little bit more than everyone else reading this. If you don’t know the reference it is to Les Miserables. I would love... Continue Reading →

Our Little Infinity

His right hand was scarred and burned.  It was freckled in a golden hue against stark white skin; remnants and reminders from a long ago accident.  Today, I stare at my hands with an intensity I didn’t know I possessed... Continue Reading →

Blank Page

They say that tomorrow is a blank page.  That tomorrow is the first page in a 365-page story that you get to write.  They say that tomorrow is a fresh start, no mistakes, a new beginning. But the thing is…... Continue Reading →

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